Phone icon 1 One Body operates a phone ministry and resource clearinghouse. We are staffed with volunteers from local churches five days a week.  Callers are referred by churches, ministries, agencies, friends and neighbors. One Body will then validate the need, and match appropriate resources with caller needs.
Clip and Pencil Icon 1 For some people simple solutions may not be enough. A deeper level of personal assessment, goal setting, service coordination, and long term follow-up covering all areas of life may be needed to help break the cycle of dependency and poverty.  One Body Planning and Resource Specialists can facilitate a deeper level Life Plan for those willing to make a long-term commitment to lasting life change.
Grocery Icon 1 One Body helps to identify resource gaps in the community, and then works to engage and equip local churches and centers of faith to provide those resources.  This helps to fill in the gaps of community care with much needed specific and manageable responses. These additional community resources are then mobilized and coordinated through the One Body Clearinghouse
hands icon 1 Church members often want to volunteer and help but don’t know where their talents and energy would be most effective. One Body has a strong commitment to matching the passion and available skills of an individual, group, or church to the appropriate area of need. Our goal is to effectively engage and empower volunteers to serve effectively in their home church, or elsewhere in the community.
Chart Icon1 One Body is committed to documenting and reporting on our collective efforts in producing positive life change and positive community change. Producing documented positive outcomes is a strong motivator to encourage further participation and collaboration.