2022 Events

Please note these events are for faith leaders, church staff, church elders, missions teams and other church related volunteer roles.

Community Flourishing Launch Event
CF launch Article Pic

One Body Collaboratives along with our Pastor Advisory Network launched our Community Flourishing Initiative on April 27th.  The purpose of the Community Flourishing initiative is three-fold.  First it demonstrates the Kingdom impact that can be made by our entire faith community working together on some of the most difficult challenges in our community.  Second, it provides an opportunity for faith leaders across denominational lines to come together and learn from one another, fostering fellowship and ultimately unity as One Body. And third, it creates a flourishing community as our faith community greatly influences every one of the flourishing outcomes of people in our city as well as the other pathways to that flourishing.

Faith leaders across the community see the needs and struggles of their congregations on a daily basis and were the key to helping us determine our annual focus area.  A Strategy Session was hosted with Faith Leaders to identify an area in our community that we will work collaboratively to impact.  In 2022 these focus areas will be Mental Health and Racial Justice. 

Over the next 8 months, One Body Collaboratives will host a variety of gatherings and events throughout the year that educate, connect and equip faith leaders for collaborative action in our Annual Focus Areas. These events will also provide time for fellowship among our faith leaders as well as time for covering our community in prayer

Focus Area: Mental Health

Over 40 faith leaders and mental health professionals attended the panel discussion and expo of mental health services on May 18th. Throughout this year, OneBodyCollaboratives will host a variety of educational events for our faith leaders to learn about resources in this area and also to learn from one another in regards to how Mental Health is discussed within our local churches. The Church has the opportunity and responsibility to care holistically for the well-being of Christians. Church’s conversations surrounding mental health have changed and will continue to change for the foreseeable future. This means going a step further than the usual church interactions to encourage safe dialogue around mental and emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression and loneliness. Our panel discussion featured local faith leaders who shared their insights on mental health, as well as how churches are partnering with community organizations to provide mental healthcare for their congregation members.Panelists Included: Pastor Dan Hinz, Bethesda Covenant; Pastor Ed Copeland, New Zion; Moderator, Pastor Norma Borrero, Life Church. Jason Holcomb with the Winnebago County Mental Health Board also provided an overview of the great work his organization is doing in this area.

Focus Area: Racial Reconciliation
As part of our Community Flourishing project, Faith Leaders and church staff attended our Panel Discussion on Racial Justice at Gethsemane Christian Church, on June 15th. 

The panel discussion featured local faith leaders who shared their insights on racial justice. Insights from Pastors included how they discuss racial justice and racial reconciliation from the pulpit as well as with their congregants in informal conversations. They also discussed the programs within their churches focused on building bridges to racial reconciliation and ways congregations can grow in this area. 

Panelists included: Pastors Alvin & LaToya White, Empowering Word Christian Center; Major Angela Wandling, Salvation Army; Pastor Eric Parks, Forest City Church; Moderator, Pastor Peter Dibley, First Evangelical Covenant. 

Additional events will be hosted throughout the year around the Focus Areas of Mental Health and Racial Reconciliation.