A Project of Transform Rockford, Managed by One Body Collaboratives

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One Body Collaboratives (OBC) was launched in 2015 with a mission to unite the local Christian Churches to work together to rebuild lives and transform our community. We have recently launched Compassionate Impacts, a project of Transform Rockford, which is a Fresh Approach to engaging and coordinating our vast church and faith resources to help solve community issues.

The needs that we are addressing are multi-fold, including the need to:
Decrease local dependence on state and federal resources
Engage new non-tax based resources to help solve our many social issues
Engage our under-utilized / under-coordinated church, faith, and volunteer resources
Facilitate church & faith resources to meet the needs of local service organizations
Post and fill family and community needs without labor-intensive human coordination
Transform ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ into ‘Aligned Efforts and Impactful Outcomes’

Traditional governmental and social service agencies are making valiant efforts trying to address poverty and related social issues in our country and our community, yet the indicator needles are for the most part not moving in the right direction. Social distress and resource needs are increasing, while hope and available federal, state, and local governmental resources are decreasing. At the same time:

1) Local government, business, and community leaders are actively urging and requesting that local churches and centers of faith become engaged in helping them address citizen and community issues, and

2) There is a growing awareness and desire in the church and faith sectors to be a positive agent of change for the community. They need and want to work for the betterment of those on the outside of their walls, as well as for those on the inside. The Christian Church, as well as our many other faiths recognize that they are commissioned by God to be a vehicle for hope and restoration for all. Yet; they are struggling with how to effectively make that happen.

We think it is time for that to change.  Our local churches and faith-based organizations are too often vast, yet greatly underutilized, resource pools in our communities.  The Compassionate Impacts Program was formed to help local churches and centers of faith ‘get into the game’, and become central and valued players.   They are ready to work side-by-side with local social service agencies, governmental services, and business driven community efforts to help rebuild the lives of all community citizens to the level they were meant to be, and desire to be.

There are approximately 350 local churches and faith centered congregations, and several tens of thousands of potential faith motivated volunteers with physical, human, and financial resources that can be harnessed to work together to help all community members overcome barriers, achieve their life goals, and transform our community.

It would produce significant added impact if we could effectively link these faith resources to assist our approximately 1,200 non-profit service organizations already working to assist individuals and families, but struggling with a lack of resources.

If we add on to that the potential of engaging our approximately 5,400 Rockford businesses, 10,000 regional/County businesses … the results could be game-changing.

Compassionate Impacts will meet the need to make that happen, engaging and coordinating our community assets and resources to help meet the needs of all of our citizens.

Uniting and Engaging Our Community To: Service For All, and Service By All
How It Works…

One Body Collaboratives provides the management and organizational support for the Compassionate Impacts project. Compassionate Impacts allows community members to select needs that they would like to fulfill for their neighbors facing a hardship. From items such as school uniforms to furniture for a family in need, to acts of service such as tutoring a child or providing a ride to a doctors appointment.

All needs are verified and posted to church and community websites where they can be viewed and selected to be met by congregation members and community volunteers.

This community-wide effort encourages participation from all sectors; from church and faith based organizations to nonprofits, social and human service organizations, government agencies, healthcare systems and the business community.

Steering Committee Members include:
Bridge Ministries, Gary Schwerin
City of Rockford, Owen Carter
Goodwill, Courtney Geiger
Holmstrom & Kennedy, Aaron Brooks
One Body Collaboratives, Allan Barsema
One Body Collaboratives, Steve Kennedy
Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Einar Forsman
Rockford Health Coalition, Becky Cook Kendall
Rockford Ministerial Alliance, Pastor Joe Dixon
SwedishAmerican Foundation, Marcia Maggio
Temple Beth-El, Rabbi Binah Wing
Transform Rockford, David Sidney  
United Way, Paul Logli
Winnebago County (Region 1 Planning), Marlana Dokken
YMCA, Trisha Tousant 

For more information on this project, contact Mary Cacioppi at Mary.Cacioppi@OneBodyCollaboratives.org.