One Body Collaboratives 2016 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report OBC

A comprehensive look at One Body Collaboratives activity in 2016.

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2,134 Needs Met…

Mary Cacioppi - OBC Leadership Team

In 2016, One Body Collaboratives met 2,134 individual needs for individuals struggling with meeting a necessity in their life. Necessities that fall between the gaps of what is provided by government or social service agencies, and necessities that most of us take for granted.

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What if I don’t help? Luke 10:25-37

Dorothy Reddic

What if I don’t help? The One Body Collaboratives Resource Center receives calls from people of all walks of life. We receive calls from partner churches, hospitals, clinics, schools, rental agencies, health insurance companies, suicide hotlines for veterans and other social service agencies seeking help, support, advice and guidance for assisting individuals or a family in which they make contact.

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The volunteer who never prayed aloud

We help people at One Body by matching resources and needs. We answer our phones and talk to people who have heard that our churches help. Last year, over 2,000 needs were resourced by One Body with over half of those met by our partner churches.  I know that our ministry helps the people who call here and that’s important but I believe that listening to others changes all of us engaged in this work. 

One morning, while listening to one of our volunteers answer the phone, I heard her begin to pray with the caller. This particular volunteer told us when she started that she would help us as a receptionist and do office work, but she wouldn’t do intakes with our callers, or pray with them because she was bad at talking to people and she would NEVER pray out loud. 

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