2,134 Needs Met…

In 2016, One Body Collaboratives met 2,134 individual needs for individuals struggling with meeting a necessity in their life. Necessities that fall between the gaps of what is provided by government or social service agencies, and necessities that most of us take for granted.

The needs that are met by One Body Collaboratives range from quick referrals to another agency that can provide assistance; to much more complex life circumstances that sometimes take weeks and the collaboration of many community partners.

Many times, what we find is that we are putting a band-aid on the crisis of the day, and not resolving the core issue that created that crisis. One of the steps we have taken to address this is our IMAGE class. IMAGE stands for ‘Inspiring and Motivating Adults to Generate Esteem’ and is an 8 week biblically based curriculum that provides goal setting and life planning.

It is through the generous support of our partner churches and charitable individuals that we are able to provide our services to the community at large.  We are very blessed that over 130 local churches participate with One Body Collaboratives, providing resources and financial support. There are also many individuals that give of their time, talent and treasure to assist our clients on a daily basis.

This is all good news…the even better news is that we can do more! In 2017 we are dedicated to building the capacity of One Body Collaboratives. This includes increasing the number of individuals and families we assist, as well as helping our community to more efficiently locate available resources, and creating meaningful ways for individuals to contribute to meeting needs of their neighbors.

To grow our capacity, we need your help. We would greatly appreciate your support in the following ways:

  • Provide needed resources directly, or help us gather or develop the resources needed to fill gaps. Help support our work financially…  
  • Visit us online, come to an informational meeting, or call us to find the exact match for your gifts.
  • Share the One Body phone number with people in distress, or struggling with unmet life needs.  
  • Commit to pray for One Body ministry, our participants, volunteers, staff and community.

We at One Body are excited to see what happens as God grows our capacity and are so grateful to each of our committed partners in this journey.

Mary Cacioppi - One Body Collaboratives Leadership Team