December 15, 2015
Mary Pulliam
Director of Church Relations

At the One Body Resource Coordination Center, we answer phone calls from individuals trying to find help. We have conversations with our callers as we work together to find the best possible solutions for their needs. While many of these needs are physical, we also try to work on the whole person. This includes finding out about an individual’s spiritual resources.

One of the questions we routinely ask, prompted a conversation that I remember with some amusement.

I had taken a call and asked our caller if she had a church family. When she said no, I asked our follow-up question: “Would you like to be connected with a church?” She replied that she would like that.

“Which denomination?” I asked.

There was a heavy sigh on the other end of the phone. “I’ve been confused all my life.”

As I debated on whether or not we should start discussing how “confused” really wasn’t a denomination, she continued, “My mother was a Baptist, my father was a Catholic and I have no idea what I am!”

I laughed and we settled on a denomination and church that would be a good match for her, but it got me to thinking.

One Body Collaboratives functions every day across denominational lines. Our church partner list includes over 85 churches and 20 different denominations. In the third quarter of this year 67 different churches referred to our phone lines for assistance. Two hundred and sixty-nine families were assisted from July to September in 2015 with over 400 needs met by the churches we serve.

Romans 14:19 tells us, “So then, let us aim for harmony in the church and try to build each other up.”

I was not quick enough to come up with a scripture for my ‘confused’ caller that day. However, working together with congregations and churches met this woman’s needs. Our united actions define the true meaning of Christ’s church functioning as one body.

That is not confusing at all. Its simply wonderful.