November 2015

The One Body ‘Clearinghouse’
- Answering the ‘Help Line’ and assisting callers
- Helping to lead or assist with IMAGE Classes, or other One Body classes and trainings

One Body ‘Gap Ministries’
- Help establish a Gap Ministry through your church to meet a community need
- Help other churches establish a Gap Ministry to meet a community need

Church Liaisons
- Become a Liaison to assist with the linkage between One Body and your church
- Help promote One Body to other community churches

Public Relations and Marketing
- Help spread the word and promote One Body in the community
- Help plan and coordinate One Body events

- Support the work and community initiatives of One Body in prayer
- Join a community Prayer Team

Become a Mentor /  Ally
- Become a Mentor / Ally (Supportive Friend) for an adult or family that One Body is assisting
- Become a Mentor / Ally (Supportive Friend) for a child that One Body is assisting

Fund Development
- Help research and/or write appropriate funding opportunities for One Body and local initiatives
- Help write proposals for One Body and local initiatives

- Help perform routine tech maintenance for the One Body office
- Help with website and/or social media maintenance, modifications, and updating

*Do You Have Another Idea???
We are always eager to discuss how your particular interests, gifts, and skills may be utilized!

For further information please contact...

Mary Pulliam
Director of Church and Community Relations
(815) 282-4384