815 Serve Day

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Serve the 815!  

One Body Collaboratives is hosting an 815 Serve Day event in coordination with 815 Day!  815 Serve Day will primarily be held on the weekend leading up to 815 Day on Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13.  We are encouraging local churches to serve the 815 in some capacity on these days. Rockford Day, also known as 815 Day, is held annually on August 15 but can be celebrated for multiple days or even the whole month! Rockford Day aims to showcase the people, places and things that make Rockford great.  

As this also falls in the midst of back-to-school season, one of the best ways to do this is to ensure our youth are equipped for the school year.  23% of our youth under the age of 18 are in poverty.  We can support these students by providing them with the supplies they need to be successful.  Additionally, there are neighborhoods around our local schools that could use a clean up, allowing our students to go back to school in a welcoming environment.  These are just some of the ways we envision churches participating.  We are leaving room for any way a church would like to participate in Serving the 815.  

If your church would like to participate, please complete the form HERE.  We will keep this webpage updated with all of the ways our local churches will be participating! 

  • Suggested Ways to Serve:
    Host a School Supply Drive/Giveaways
    Convene a Neighborhood Clean Up
    Host a Drive for additional items Students are in need of including: Personal Hygiene items, Socks, Undergarments
    Determine Your Own Creative Way to Serve!