Frequently asked questions

The following questions and answers will help you to understand who One Body Collaboratives are.

One Body Collaboratives is a non-profit, faith based 501c3 organization whose mission is to help mobilize and coordinate church and faith resources to rebuild lives transform communities.

We are inspired and guided by God’s command in John 17:11 and Matthew 25:34-40 to work together as One Body in the provision of practical service to those in need.  We desire to assist churches and faith organizations in becoming more effective in their compassionate community outreach efforts working in a person centered, wholistic, and collaborative manner.

One Body Collaboratives is a Christian led organization, but works with and alongside all people in the community. 

Jesus served and worked with all people, and One Body Collaboratives serves and works with all people.  Each participating organization and person being served is free to determine which resources and secular and faith motivated organizations it desires to utilize or collaborate with, and at what levels.

Our success will be measured by the number of positive outcomes in addressing identified individual, family and community issues.  The ultimate goal is to rebuild lives, thereby resulting in the positive transformation of our community.