Helping Churches Help People


One Body Collaboratives is built on the concept of collaboration and has an original mission to unite the Christian Churches to collaboratively work together.  In addition to our 100+ Network Partner Churches, representing over 20 denominations; we also have over 40 local ministries and 120 local service agencies within our referral network. 

Our local churches and faith-based organizations are too often vast, yet greatly underutilized and undervalued resource pools in our communities.  One Body Collaboratives was formed to help them effectively ‘get into the game’, and become the central and valued players in rebuilding lives and their communities as they were meant to be.

Churches and centers of faith often receive requests for assistance with tangible life needs, but struggle to meet them.

It is a challenge to validate requests, assess complex life conditions, develop goal plans, remain aware of all available resources, facilitate resource linkages, provide regular follow-up, and document the process and the outcomes.

The One Body Clearing House can perform these and other valuable functions for the church and faith community in an efficient, effective, and professional manner.  One Body Collaboratives and local church partnerships free the church to be the church … meeting people, getting to know them more deeply, praying with them, and walking with them in their journey to engage more deeply with God and His people.