Helping Our Community Flourish


One Body Collaboratives is built on the concept of collaboration and has an original mission to unite the Christian Churches to collaboratively work together.Our local churches and faith-based organizations are too often vast, yet greatly underutilized and undervalued resource pools in our communities.  One Body Collaboratives was formed to help them effectively ‘get into the game’, and become the central and valued players in rebuilding lives and their communities as they were meant to be.

No one church can bring city transformation on its own,
but together we can. Imagine the impact we could
have if we knew each other and worked together. What would
our community look like if the kingdom of God really took shape here?

Helping Our Community Flourish

Annual Focus Area
We will work collaboratively to move the needle on specific issues. 
What are the issues in our community you are passionate about? In 2022 and beyond, One Body Collaboratives will take a focused approach to the areas of concern in our community identified in our Faith Leaders Strategy Session held September 9th.

Faith leaders across the community see the needs and struggles of their congregations on a daily basis and are the key to helping us determine our annual focus area. We recognize that for us to help foster transformation, we have to listen first before we act. To do this, we will have a three-step process.

  1. Connect faith leaders and work with them to identify the needs in their neighborhoods that are simply too large to tackle on their own.
  2. Provide research and connect them with resources and partners to address those needs.
  3. Equip and mobilize churches to take action together. 

Collaborative Networks
We will develop networks of leaders to better connect our community. While each one of us is unique, we are ultimately one in Christ.  Relational unity leads to operational unity, which is why our foundation is built on a geographic and issue-specific networks of Faith leaders.  We will begin with a Pastor Advisory Network which will consist of senior church leaders because connecting the Body of Christ in the Rockford area must start there.

Relationships: Building relationships that bridge divides of denomination, race, generation, and anything else that unnecessarily keeps us from working together.

Learning & Prayer: Learn about, discuss and pray for the needs of the region.

Collaboration: Once trust is built, collaboration can begin to work on the mission to transform our city.

One Body Collaboratives will host a variety of gatherings and events throughout the year that connect and equip leaders for collaborative action on specific issues.

Simply put, we are better together.

Additional Ways to Support our Effort
Pastor Advisory Network: If you are a Senior Pastor, we ask for you to prayerfully consider joining our Pastor Advisory Network, which will act as our advisory board for this initiative.

Pray: Please continue to pray for this effort as we work together to help our community flourish.

For more information, please contact Mary Cacioppi,Executive Director, One Body Collaboratives:Email:; Direct Line: 815-985-1311

One Body Collaboratives Office: 815-979-4377;PO Box 1633, Rockford, IL 61110

Community Flourishing Summary Report