Helping Our Community Flourish

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Seek peace and prosperity of the city to which I’ve called you, for if it prospers you too will prosper.  - Jeremiah 29:7

One Body Collaboratives is built on the concept of collaboration and has an original mission to unite the Christian Churches to collaboratively work together. We believe that the united and equipped church, working together, can solve almost any problem. Churches that are transforming communities don’t divide over differences but unite with other churches and community service organizations (faith based or not) around their common love for the community.  We can unite and work together with other churches and groups in our communities not because we share the same theology but because we care about the same things.

No one church can bring city transformation on its own,
but together we can. Imagine the impact we could
have if we knew each other and worked together. What would
our community look like if the kingdom of God really took shape here?

Community Flourishing Prayer
God, today I pray for my city. I believe you have planted me in this community on purpose. I pray your Holy Spirit would continually remind me to speak life and blessing over my city. May we walk in unity and love for one another. Please use me to be a part of solutions to problems. Help me have a selfless heart and generous hands.  Show me opportunities to give back because I believe as I bless my city, we will flourish!


Helping Our Community Flourish

Have you wondered what One Body Collaboratives means when we talk about Community Flourishing? A Flourishing Community is one that reflects Isaiah 65: 17-25. It is a community in which everyone enjoys these human flourishing factors to the fullest:

                                                                          Happiness and life satisfaction              Physical and mental health

                                                                          Meaning and purpose                             Character and virtue

                                                                          Close social relationships                        Financial and material stability

If efforts were made to support, improve and promote participation in these pathways, the consequences for human flourishing would be substantial.  Our faith community greatly influences every one of the flourishing outcomes of people in our city as well as the other pathways to that flourishing.

In order for our faith community to impact these areas, we must first have unity.  To be clear, unity is not uniformity. We do not all have to be the same. We just need to work together, each of us bringing our unique giftings.

In the book of John, Chapter 17 we have Jesus’ final prayer before he dies. He knows that he’s about to die, so in his final hours, what was Jesus talking about?

He prays for three things, and the last thing that he prays for is for those who believe in him, and those who will believe in him. He specifically prays that those of us who are Christians would have unity with each other. He goes on to say that unity among believers will cause other people to believe in God. He’s not just talking about unity within just your church. He’s saying that we should have unity within THE Church.

One Body Collaboratives believes that the highest goal we can achieve as a faith community is to answer Jesus’ prayer. 

There are over 400 churches in the Rockford Region. What if we worked together as one body to address the major issues facing our region?

Questions for Reflection:

1) What are the ways you see churches working together as the body of Christ, with each church bringing its unique gifts and strengths?

2) Do you sense that God is calling you to increase partnership – or oneness in Christ - for the advancement of the gospel and the flourishing of Rockford?

“When right-living people bless the city, it flourishes.”  Proverbs 11:11

Community Flourishing Framework

Annual Focus Area
Faith leaders across the community see the needs and struggles of their congregations on a daily basis and are the key to helping us determine our annual focus area. We recognize that for us to help foster transformation, we have to listen first before we act.

Each year we will host a Faith Leader Strategy Session to identify an area in our community that we will work collaboratively to impact.  In 2022 our Focus Areas will be: Mental Health and Racial Justice.

Relationships & Networks
We will develop networks around our Annual Focus Area(s). The networks will be built on issue-specific networks of Faith leaders.  These networks will be formed in early 2022. 

Events & Prayer

One Body Collaboratives will host a variety of gatherings and events throughout the year that educate, connect and equip leaders for collaborative action on our Annual Focus Area(s).

Simply put, we are better together.

Additional Ways to Support our Effort
Pastor Advisory Network: If you are a Senior Pastor, we ask for you to prayerfully consider joining our Pastor Advisory Network, which will act as our advisory board for this initiative.

Pray: Please continue to pray for this effort as we work together to help our community flourish.

For more information, please contact Mary Cacioppi,Executive Director, One Body Collaboratives:Email:; Direct Line: 815-985-1311

One Body Collaboratives Office: 815-979-4377;PO Box 1633, Rockford, IL 61110

Community Flourishing Summary Report

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