Church Membership Information

One Body Collaboratives is built on the concept of collaboration and has an original mission to unite the Christian Churches to collaboratively work together. We invite you to become a member in our Kingdom work of rebuilding lives and transforming our community.

One Body Collaboratives provides the framework, consistency, coordination and networks for faith leaders across denominational lines to come together and learn from one another, fostering fellowship and ultimately unity as One Body, while also working toward creating a flourishing community!

We feel there is great value in the work we are accomplishing and membership provides access to many areas of our ministry. As a member, an unlimited number of your church staff attend all of our events and networks free of charge. 

Member Partner Benefits

Educational Events
We will host a series of events in 2023 around topics of interest to local churches.  These events will provide information while also equipping your church with  best practices and learnings from other faith leaders.

Collaborative Network
Our Collaborative Network will take the place of our annual strategy session, allowing our faith community to come together to discuss a variety of issues affecting our community.  When we know the issues in our community, and how local resources are addressing them, we can be more strategic in a united approach.  This network will convene church leaders in outreach and mobilize them to discover how the church can be an extension of local nonprofits. 

Prayer Network
We will coordinate an ongoing Prayer Network to provide faith leaders with the opportunity to come together across denominational lines to pray for our community on a consistent basis. We will also provide information on other groups that meet for prayer on an ongoing basis. 

Pastor Networks
The men and women who shepherd Christians in our community through a diversity of denominations and church expressions are key to unity.  They are the leaders and teachers who bless our region with the Word and encourage the body to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We will mobilize these neighborhood Pastoral Networks across our community. We will also provide information on other Pastor Networks that meet within our community. 

Racial Justice: Be the Bridge Group

In 2015, Be The Bridge founder Latasha Morrison gathered a diverse group of Christian friends to process the current state of race and racism in America. They
committed to meeting regularly to listen to and learn from one another. Between meetings, they looked to scripture to see what the Bible had to say and they educated themselves about our country’s racial history.

That’s how Be the Bridge was born: from authentic, God-centered relationships and conversations between people committed to loving their neighbor by pursuing racial healing, equity and reconciliation. As part of our continued focus on Racial Justice, we will foster the creation of a local Be The Bridge Group.  

Poverty Reduction Community of Practice
Through our Bridges Out of Poverty Rockford Region project, we have implemented a Poverty Reduction Community of Practice which meets on a quarterly basis to discuss how local organizations are working to reduce poverty through the way services are delivered and how they are working with others in their respective sector and others to remove barriers.

Referral Network
When someone walks into your church and asks for help, whether it's a congregation member or someone else, we know that the heart of the church is to always want to help. However, it puts stress on your pastor and your staff to know all of the resources available to provide assistance.  Our Referral Network is a service provided to Member Churches as a way to connect congregants needs with community resources.  We provide this service as  Referral source only, providing referrals to community resources, such as agencies, social services, ministries, etc. For a comprehensive overview of the Referral Network, click here

Barna Group Data
In its nearly 40-year history, Barna Group has conducted more than two million interviews over the course of thousands of studies, and has become a go-to source for insights about faith and culture, leadership and vocation, and generations. Barna Group has carefully and strategically tracked the role of faith in America, developing one of the nation’s most comprehensive databases of spiritual indicators. One Body Collaboratives frequently shares data, articles and videos of significance to our faith community through our website, monthly newsletter and social media.

Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) Data
The Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) is a network of Christians committed to seeing people and communities experience God’s shalom. With the belief that God wants to restore a right relationship between us, our families and our communities – spiritually, emotionally, physically, economically and socially. As a member of CCDA, and a connection to the Chicago Chapter, One Body Collaboratives will share data of importance to our community through our website, monthly newsletter and social media.

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