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The faith at work movement is a global network of scholars, clergy, students, and marketplace leaders. It encourages and equips Christians to see their work as part of God’s purposes in and for the world. The movement is comprised of businesspeople, professionals, and workers of all types who are gathering in significant numbers outside the church to discuss questions of meaning, purpose, calling, ethics, character, spiritual identity, and expression in the workplace. Faith at Work initiatives have been launched in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, Cleveland and countless other cities across the world. 

One Body Collaboratives is launching a local Faith@Work program!  Although the average American spends over 90,000 hours in the workplace during his or her lifetime, most Christians feel that their work is separate from or even at odds with their faith. The purpose of Faith@Work is to help Christians in the Rockford area more deeply embrace their identity in Christ and its integration into their everyday work as they seek the common good of the region and beyond. The programming will be relevant to businesspeople from all sectors, owners, entrepreneurs, managers, staff, ministry and non-profit leaders.

Quarterly Speaker Series
Our quarterly speaker series will launch in 2024 and will feature a variety of Christians in the marketplace; from nonprofit leaders to elected officials to those in the arts, the speakers will focus on spiritual perspectives and engaging an individual’s faith in their daily work. 

Faith@ Work Resources

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