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Why is my poop yellow and watery? Cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis reduce or eliminate bile salts that help the body digest food and absorb nutrients. Gallstones or sludge in the gallbladder reduce the amount of bile that reaches your intestines. Not only may this cause pain, but it can also turn your stool yellow.
What is the best medicine to stop diarrhea? Antidiarrheal medicines include: loperamide (1 brand name: Imodium) bismuth subsalicylate (2 brand names: Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol).
What causes diarrhea for weeks? Most acute episodes of diarrhea are due to viral infections and last three to five days. Prolonged diarrhea -- lasting more than four to six weeks -- usually is due to an underlying gastrointestinal disease, the most common of which are diseases that cause inflammation and malabsorption of food.
What foods cause floating stools? The two most common causes of floating stools are excess gas and malabsorption, or poor absorption, of nutrients. Foods that commonly cause gas contain large amounts of sugar, lactose, starch, or fiber, such as: beans. milk. cabbage. apples. soft drinks. sugar-free candies.
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