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What is Prime Meridian What is the other name for it and why? Answer and Explanation: Another name for the Prime Meridian is the Greenwich Meridian.
How can I remember the difference between latitude and longitude? The easiest way to remember the difference between latitude and longitude is by associating the terms with different parts of a ladder. Lines of latitude run east and west. To remember, think of the rungs of a ladder (which sounds somewhat similar to latitude) which run across, connecting the two longer pieces.
How longitude and time are connected? Longitudes run from North to South,from 0 degrees(which passes through Greenwich(England) and sometimes called the Greenwich Meridian)to 180 degrees East or West. Generally 1 degree difference in Longitude, causes a difference of 4 minutes,with the longitude East always ahead in time.
What is the prime meridian and where is it located? The Prime Meridian, as it passes through Greenwich, England, is considered 0 degrees longitude. Because both the equator and the Prime Meridian are imaginary lines, they were both established by mankind at some point in human history.
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